Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Apple moves its assembly of its top-line Mac Pro to China, maybe risking tariffs?

Apple seems to be defying Trump’s tariff actions and threats by announcing it will move final assembly of the Mac Pro to China, from Austin, TX, as in this Ars Technica story by Jon Brodkin. 

The new desktop would cost around $6000, but theoretically tariffs could raise the price to $8000.  This possibility doesn’t seem to be explained.  We’re left with Trump’s senior moment, calling the Apple CEO “Tim Apple”.   This product is said to be low in volume compared to the smaller computers. 

I will replace my Apple MacBook (2015) with a new unit by the fall, in order to complete my music projects and bring them into performable shape. My own investigation seems to show that the Sibelius Ultimate product would need an Apple unit that costs around $2300 or so (and apparently no tariff).  But I’ll look to see what ThioJoe has to say about this.

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