Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tim Pool warns job seekers: going "woke" on Twitter will keep you from having almost any decent job, and Twitter followers are not useful "dark money"

Tim Pool, in a video today talking about Think Progress, talked about Subverse’s hiring.

He gave a stern warning to applicants for anything in media to watch their social media, especially Twitter, at about 9:25.

He warns people about becoming “woke warriors” destroying their own personal credibility when they play the clickbait game with tweets (or Facebook posts) that they personally don’t even believe. 

Twitter followers won’t pay your rent, he says.

I’ve talked about online reputation and employment a lot on my blogs ever since I started them.  I made a very important post about the founding of “Reputation Defender” on Nov. 30, 2006 on my main blog. The idea of online reputation and its effect on the workplace started to develop around 2000, when a few employers started announcing “blogging policies”.  I wrote a controversial piece in March 2000 on my old hppub site that I recently republished here

Heather Armstrong founded her site “dooce” after she was fired in 2002 by a software developer for blogging about her own workplace.

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