Wednesday, January 30, 2019

"Learn to Code" isn't quite out of "The Proles" (to be rated NC-17)

ShortFatOkatu opines on the “Learn to Code” meme (also “get woke, go broke’).

Note how the video ends with Barack Obama encouraging blue collar workers to learn to code and be happy with it.

The Church of Jack Dorsey has threatened to excommunicate those who tweet this meme to laid off journalists.

Back in the 1980s at Chilton our manager would joke, “we should all get real jobs”.  Data processing then wasn’t a real job, even when you were on uncompensated night call.

Janitorial work is a real job.  So is live-in caregiving, which used to be done by undocumented people.

This sounds like the scenario of my unpublished manuscript, handwritten when I was in the Army, “The Proles”.  Actually, it’s Chapter 2 of my DADT-1 book and Chapter 7 (“Fiction”) of DADT-3.
The Trump administration had the gall to tell unpaid federal workers to barter janitorial services to landlords early in the shutdown.
My own father’s favorite meme was “learn to work” along with “formation of proper habits”. Get ready for regimentation.    

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