Wednesday, January 30, 2019

"Learn to Code" isn't quite out of "The Proles" (to be rated NC-17)

ShortFatOkatu opines on the “Learn to Code” meme (also “get woke, go broke’).

Note how the video ends with Barack Obama encouraging blue collar workers to learn to code and be happy with it.

The Church of Jack Dorsey has threatened to excommunicate those who tweet this meme to laid off journalists.

Back in the 1980s at Chilton our manager would joke, “we should all get real jobs”.  Data processing then wasn’t a real job, even when you were on uncompensated night call.

Janitorial work is a real job.  So is live-in caregiving, which used to be done by undocumented people.

This sounds like the scenario of my unpublished manuscript, handwritten when I was in the Army, “The Proles”.  Actually, it’s Chapter 2 of my DADT-1 book and Chapter 7 (“Fiction”) of DADT-3.
The Trump administration had the gall to tell unpaid federal workers to barter janitorial services to landlords early in the shutdown.
My own father’s favorite meme was “learn to work” along with “formation of proper habits”. Get ready for regimentation.    

Monday, January 28, 2019

Is multi-level-marketing bad for friendships in the era of social media?

Laura Richards has an intriguing article in the Washington Post Outlook section, “How MLM’s are hurting female friendships”, Sunday, January 27, 2019, here 

MLM means “multi-level marketing”.

It was popular when I started working in 1970, and I actually went to an Amway presentation.
But the article suggests that women, especially, pressure friends to become sub-distributors, harming friendships and family ties.
I wondered if, when I was approached to become a life insurance agent in 2005, if such behavior would be expected of me.
Technology has been a double-edged sword, with often many consumers resisting being contacted in person with that “always be closing” attitude.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

For security reasons, it seems necessary to go to Wordpress 5.0.3 now; it worked for me

I did convert my three remaining Wordpress sites to 5.0.3 last night.  I left the Gutenberg editor in place without backfilling the Classic plugin and had no problems this time adding a new post.  The paragraph block icon does seem to copy from Word as text.

I did have to go into text mode to add a video (don’t know why it didn’t embed automatically) and to add an Amazon ad poster embed.

Previously, in mid December, I couldn’t get the new page to come up without the classic plugin.  This time it worked.

You have to give it a little time for the category list to come up.

I had gotten a warning of an app SQL inject violation on the monthly app scan for one of the sites (the tautology always true “If a = a” or the “Atlas Shrugged” SQL exploit.  The site had 4.9.9.  It appears that now all 4.9.9 sites should be upgraded to 5.0.3 immediately to prevent this possibility.  A new WP install should eliminate the violation.

The first time I clicked onto “upgrade” I got a 405 Forbidden.  I logged out of the control panel, logged back in, and tried again and it worked.  Perhaps Automattic was overloaded with too many people doing this at once.
 It seems important to keep Wordpress and Jetpack upgraded to the latest versions to minimize security exposures.

Update:  Jan. 24 

Today I found that Gutenberg would not load when I went to a post.  It acted like it had been deactivated.  I had to install and activate the Classic plugin to post.  I put in a tweet to Wordpress support. 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Antideficiency Act seems to contradict the FLSA, forcing some federal employees to work without on-time paychecks

Todd Dickey explains how the Antideficiency Act of 1870 countermands the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and results in a situation where some critical federal employees can be required to stay on the job without knowing when they will be paid. 

To me, it sounds like involuntary servitude, the 13th Amendment.

(Picture: Dec 1, walk to end HIV) 

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Clean desk policies

USA Today had a brief article Tuesday on the desirability of keeping workplace desks clean, and having paper purges. I couldn't find it online. 
My own boss at USLICO back in the 1990s used to get after me about that.

But a site called “shredit” discusses the value of a clean desk policy in detail, when there are any questions about security for customer information.  It has always been common in the military. 

Friday, January 04, 2019

Hiring a "Social Justice Warrior" (don't even let her in the building)

Here’s a comic short “Hiring a Social Justice Warrior” from Off-Brand Entertainment and posted by Hello Generic.

Note the buzzwords, like “occupational identity”. Note the aggressive attitude of the applicant.
I’ve written about conflict of interest at work over “personal social media”.