Saturday, December 08, 2018

Wordpress offers 5.0 update with Gutenberg editor

On Friday, Dec, 7, 2018, I found that Wordpress was offering the update 5.0, with the new Gutenberg editor, to all of my Wordpress blogs.
Here is the original list of FAQ’s from Automattic.  There is a more recent, and eclectic list, from Matt Mullenweg, here

I tried in on just one blog, “Bills Media Reviews”, and found it a little hard to figure out at sight.  Finally I copied my Microsoft Word pre-written text in with a ctl-v, and later I noticed that it skipped spaces between some words.

I also copied the pre-loaded and pre-saved html (after finding html code mode) for my own YouTube videos and got some editing errors, but the actual post worked when displayed.  
Later I saw from the documentation that I should have been able to add the YouTube URL in as a video block without having to go into code.

Judging from the documentation, it appears that Atomattic does not believe users should prewrite their posts in advance, but should be comfortable with staying online while they write.  That means a lot more intermediate drafts would get saved before publication, which I wonder if that could create technical vulnerability for failure.

However, the FAQ says that users can load the classic (“copy as text”) editor and use it until the end of 2021 (which means at least three years until sunset, if you’re living on another planet, maybe).  

 There is also a classic block.  It may be that using the classic block will solve the space deletion problem.  I have a tweet in to Wordpress support on that question.

I expect to load the new Wordpress to the other three sites within the next week or so, after experimenting more with the first one.  It may well turn out I need the Classic editor, because I really need to compose the text of my posts off-line first.  (By the way, that gives me another layer of backup).

I do find I can edit older posts with the new Gutenberg and everything seems to display OK.

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