Thursday, December 27, 2018

Progress with Wordpress 5.0.2

I have experimented today with the new Gutenberg block editor and placed two new entries on a test blog, here 

These are entries from the old “Technology-Law Confluence Blog” on my old legacy apache site .

This site was moved to a new host by a corporate buyout and the old Wordpress blog (started in 2007) lost, but I had not kept the Wordpress installations up to date, so I take responsibility for it. Fortunately, I had saved images of the posts and can repost them at leisure.
They actually deal with a couple of topics still timely today:  “free content” and its effect on the hygiene of the Internet, and the possibility of “self-libel” in fiction, which can matter in the workplace.

I found the use of Gutenberg on the free Wordpress site (I had to “convert” it first to 5.0.2, just as with a hosted site) self-explanatory.  Every time I hit space, an add-block symbol appeared on the Left (no political pun intended). The “Paragraph” block did not offer a separate “Classic” block (and there was no separate “Classic” block), but in importing from Word it behaved the same way;  it did import it as text without Word styling.

I tried adding one of my own videos.  First I tried adding one directly from the Canon camera, which it rejected for security reasons.  So I had to use URL’s for YouTube videos I had uploaded.  If you don’t want to go through YouTube or Vimeo, you need some sort of processor app to satisfy the security requirements.

On one site, with a 24-theme, I found that when I tried to do a new post on 5.0.1 I got a blank screen, not a post format.  Reverting back to the classic editor plugin worked. But I don’t want to convert the three others until I can find out what happened.  Maybe I can do this after New Years; it could conceivably require paying a consultant. I use the 26 theme on two blogs. Both themes are supposed to be compatible.  (The 24 theme had been updated with the 5.0 at the same time.)
Here are three more references on Gutenberg:  Classic block documentation, testing issues,and Newbies.
If someone knows what causes the blank page problem in 5.0 with a new post, please comment (moderated). 

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