Friday, December 14, 2018

Facebook is reported to have a two-month boot camp and weeding out for new engineers

Here’s an interesting one.  Someone asked on Quora, about being fired from Facebook in less than two months, and whether to include on the resume.

Facebook is reported here  as having a boot camp for new software engineers where you have to deliver a product in two months.

It’s not clear what languages (are the OOP – C++, java ,etc?) they use.   Also it’s not clear what operating system their servers are on, but their products have to work on everything, most of all mobile (both Apple and Android, and others).

So it’s likely there is a steep learning curve, because so few engineers could be fluent in all these.
It’s also not clear how many data centers there are, outside of Menlo Park, CA.
I was on the West Coast and visited the Silicon Valley area in September, and I drove around all three major tech campuses and met some people in Mountain Lakes.  It would be a nice lifestyle if you reallyu are a super-coder and know it.  But it has to be something you had started out young. 
 Learning coding is a bit like learning to play musical instruments.  The pace is much faster today than it had been in the mainframe days.
It’s a good question as to how the current scandals concerning data privacy and misuse of algorithms by foreign powers affect what they look for in hew hires.
I would think they could look for older pros (I am really “retired” at 75, but sort of) to help them design content moderation policies.  I could actually help them with that.  Yes, it’s OK for a company to contact me with this issue.

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