Thursday, December 13, 2018

"Are Boomers Taking Our Jobs": Economic Invincibility entertains his own generation; also, today is an anniversary of my own layoff

Economic Invincibility looks at the question, “Are Boomers Taking our Jobs?

He says, largely so.  In I.T., it was hard for older people to pick up the “quickness” of writing scripts on the fly, that young people learn as if it were playing piano.

But in general, there is a risk that older employees, after a career-ending layoff, will work for less if in fact they are empty nesters and don’t have a lot of debt (like, student debt).

I disagree with EI somewhat on the contention that immigrants take domestic jobs.  Cato Institute and Pew Research, etc. have produced countless studies saying otherwise.  Could I some time not have gotten a job offer because an immigrant was a better match?  Maybe, but I don’t know if this ever happened.  And when Morgan Spurlock picked oranges on his “Inside Man” series, he showed that immigrants (even undocumented) often take jobs Americans don’t want.

Seventeen years ago today, Thursday, December 13, 2001 (93 days after 9/11) I had my career-ending layoff at ING in Minneapolis, when at 9 AM CST, my terminal said “Your account has been disabled, please log off” while I talked to an internal customer.  I finished the call. Yes, I got good severance and retirement both and was much better off at 58 than most people.  But the abruptness was a shock.
Also, watch EI’s video, the problem with “Clean Your Room, which amounts to “Skin in the Game”.  I’ll cover this again. Some employers do have clean desk policies.  I wouldn't want my desk to be visible from the street. 

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