Thursday, December 27, 2018

Progress with Wordpress 5.0.2

I have experimented today with the new Gutenberg block editor and placed two new entries on a test blog, here 

These are entries from the old “Technology-Law Confluence Blog” on my old legacy apache site .

This site was moved to a new host by a corporate buyout and the old Wordpress blog (started in 2007) lost, but I had not kept the Wordpress installations up to date, so I take responsibility for it. Fortunately, I had saved images of the posts and can repost them at leisure.
They actually deal with a couple of topics still timely today:  “free content” and its effect on the hygiene of the Internet, and the possibility of “self-libel” in fiction, which can matter in the workplace.

I found the use of Gutenberg on the free Wordpress site (I had to “convert” it first to 5.0.2, just as with a hosted site) self-explanatory.  Every time I hit space, an add-block symbol appeared on the Left (no political pun intended). The “Paragraph” block did not offer a separate “Classic” block (and there was no separate “Classic” block), but in importing from Word it behaved the same way;  it did import it as text without Word styling.

I tried adding one of my own videos.  First I tried adding one directly from the Canon camera, which it rejected for security reasons.  So I had to use URL’s for YouTube videos I had uploaded.  If you don’t want to go through YouTube or Vimeo, you need some sort of processor app to satisfy the security requirements.

On one site, with a 24-theme, I found that when I tried to do a new post on 5.0.1 I got a blank screen, not a post format.  Reverting back to the classic editor plugin worked. But I don’t want to convert the three others until I can find out what happened.  Maybe I can do this after New Years; it could conceivably require paying a consultant. I use the 26 theme on two blogs. Both themes are supposed to be compatible.  (The 24 theme had been updated with the 5.0 at the same time.)
Here are three more references on Gutenberg:  Classic block documentation, testing issues,and Newbies.
If someone knows what causes the blank page problem in 5.0 with a new post, please comment (moderated). 

Friday, December 14, 2018

Facebook is reported to have a two-month boot camp and weeding out for new engineers

Here’s an interesting one.  Someone asked on Quora, about being fired from Facebook in less than two months, and whether to include on the resume.

Facebook is reported here  as having a boot camp for new software engineers where you have to deliver a product in two months.

It’s not clear what languages (are the OOP – C++, java ,etc?) they use.   Also it’s not clear what operating system their servers are on, but their products have to work on everything, most of all mobile (both Apple and Android, and others).

So it’s likely there is a steep learning curve, because so few engineers could be fluent in all these.
It’s also not clear how many data centers there are, outside of Menlo Park, CA.
I was on the West Coast and visited the Silicon Valley area in September, and I drove around all three major tech campuses and met some people in Mountain Lakes.  It would be a nice lifestyle if you reallyu are a super-coder and know it.  But it has to be something you had started out young. 
 Learning coding is a bit like learning to play musical instruments.  The pace is much faster today than it had been in the mainframe days.
It’s a good question as to how the current scandals concerning data privacy and misuse of algorithms by foreign powers affect what they look for in hew hires.
I would think they could look for older pros (I am really “retired” at 75, but sort of) to help them design content moderation policies.  I could actually help them with that.  Yes, it’s OK for a company to contact me with this issue.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

"Are Boomers Taking Our Jobs": Economic Invincibility entertains his own generation; also, today is an anniversary of my own layoff

Economic Invincibility looks at the question, “Are Boomers Taking our Jobs?

He says, largely so.  In I.T., it was hard for older people to pick up the “quickness” of writing scripts on the fly, that young people learn as if it were playing piano.

But in general, there is a risk that older employees, after a career-ending layoff, will work for less if in fact they are empty nesters and don’t have a lot of debt (like, student debt).

I disagree with EI somewhat on the contention that immigrants take domestic jobs.  Cato Institute and Pew Research, etc. have produced countless studies saying otherwise.  Could I some time not have gotten a job offer because an immigrant was a better match?  Maybe, but I don’t know if this ever happened.  And when Morgan Spurlock picked oranges on his “Inside Man” series, he showed that immigrants (even undocumented) often take jobs Americans don’t want.

Seventeen years ago today, Thursday, December 13, 2001 (93 days after 9/11) I had my career-ending layoff at ING in Minneapolis, when at 9 AM CST, my terminal said “Your account has been disabled, please log off” while I talked to an internal customer.  I finished the call. Yes, I got good severance and retirement both and was much better off at 58 than most people.  But the abruptness was a shock.
Also, watch EI’s video, the problem with “Clean Your Room, which amounts to “Skin in the Game”.  I’ll cover this again. Some employers do have clean desk policies.  I wouldn't want my desk to be visible from the street. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Wordpress goes to 5.0.1, and 4.9.9 for those who hadn't updated; 5.0 to 5.0.1 did not work!

I had a problem:  The one blog that I had put on 5.0 was automatically updated to 5.0.1 and when I went to the edit a page, the screen was blank (in Windows 10, Creator’s Update).

So I had to go install the Classic Editor plug in and activate. Then I was able to edit. The blog post is this.  On three other blogs, it went to 4.9.9 which still has the classic editor.  They operated normally. 

The video above discusses how Wordpress 5.0 affects freelancers.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

More on Gutenberg in Wordpress 5.0

The best answer I can find so far on preparing the entire text for a post and then copying into the Gutenberg editor is to create one classic block and copy the text (multiple paragraphs) into the one classic block.  Here’s a reference from Wordpress support from early October 2018. 
Here is a good tutorial from iMark Interactive.
There’s a lot here on how to handle the blocks, but it doesn’t talk about pre-written text.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Wordpress offers 5.0 update with Gutenberg editor

On Friday, Dec, 7, 2018, I found that Wordpress was offering the update 5.0, with the new Gutenberg editor, to all of my Wordpress blogs.
Here is the original list of FAQ’s from Automattic.  There is a more recent, and eclectic list, from Matt Mullenweg, here

I tried in on just one blog, “Bills Media Reviews”, and found it a little hard to figure out at sight.  Finally I copied my Microsoft Word pre-written text in with a ctl-v, and later I noticed that it skipped spaces between some words.

I also copied the pre-loaded and pre-saved html (after finding html code mode) for my own YouTube videos and got some editing errors, but the actual post worked when displayed.  
Later I saw from the documentation that I should have been able to add the YouTube URL in as a video block without having to go into code.

Judging from the documentation, it appears that Atomattic does not believe users should prewrite their posts in advance, but should be comfortable with staying online while they write.  That means a lot more intermediate drafts would get saved before publication, which I wonder if that could create technical vulnerability for failure.

However, the FAQ says that users can load the classic (“copy as text”) editor and use it until the end of 2021 (which means at least three years until sunset, if you’re living on another planet, maybe).  

 There is also a classic block.  It may be that using the classic block will solve the space deletion problem.  I have a tweet in to Wordpress support on that question.

I expect to load the new Wordpress to the other three sites within the next week or so, after experimenting more with the first one.  It may well turn out I need the Classic editor, because I really need to compose the text of my posts off-line first.  (By the way, that gives me another layer of backup).

I do find I can edit older posts with the new Gutenberg and everything seems to display OK.

Saturday, December 01, 2018

"Millennials in the Workforce": the weak have been ruined by social media addiction

Millennials in the Workforce”, from After Skool, explains why millennials seem so spoiled when they get into the workplace.

Mark Zuckerberg conquered them all.  Well, except for the strongest, most gifted kids, who win science fairs or get people to vote.

Social media, after all, became their drug – except for the strongest. We have a new Darwinianism. The strongest young people will win.