Thursday, November 01, 2018

Google protests seem to call for "equity" demands for quotas among intersectional groups

Tim Pool reports on the demands from Google protesters:

Some of this is about the overpayment of an executive severance after sexual harassment allegations.

This sounds like a “strike” in a non-union tech company. That would have been unthinkable when I was working.

But there were “equity” demands that counters meritocracy. They want goals for “women of color” etc, with compensation by groups (and intersectionality). 

Here is an account of the demands at “The Cut”. 
Pool explains the difference between “equality” (as HRC defines it) and “equity”.  Does "equity" mean "quotas" and "affirmative action"? 
Pool notes that the ideological demands seem to come from campus and are not normal workplace compensation issues or even legitimate HR issues. Pool calls it “protest culture”. 
The lawsuit by an African-American employee in 1996 when I was working for an insurance company seemed more an equity issue than equality.

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