Thursday, November 29, 2018

Career advice: "Don't Follow Your Passion"; join "The Proles" instead

Mike Rowe speaks for Prager University, “Don’t Follow Your Passion”.

“Don’t follow your passion, but bring it with you.”  Also, “follow opportunity”.

Mike does talk about the gap between education (with the emphasis on the college “scam”) and the trades employers want.  During my upbringing, however, a college education was worth a draft deferment or staying out of Vietnam rice paddies.

I spent my long-track career mostly as a mainframe computer programmer with financial applications.  It was a good steady living, but not glamorous, and it fell out of favor as a field which gave you a “professional” identity, after Y2K and 9/11.  Why this happened is a good narrative that I explained in Chapter 4 of my DADT-III book (2014), but in general employers, using short-sighted algorithmic approaches to hiring, were no longer sure of what they needed.  When it came time to do, say, Obamacare, the older mature systems professionals used to very complicated cyclic processing on mainframe financial systems – the mainstay to the job market in places like New York, Florida, Dallas, Los Angeles, etc (not so much Washington, which was government), had moved on and were no longer available.  That fed the political tensions that would erupt in 2016.  Prager could look at this problem it wanted.

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