Monday, August 27, 2018

Employers screen social media, and may actually shun job applicants without social media accounts

On Saturday, NBC News reported that an increasing number of employers are using social media posts to monitor employees and screen job applicants.  This applies to posts made on one’s own devices and on one’s own time.  Here is the video link.

The video reported that 70% of major employers now evaluate social media.  One person was fired for a post of his passing gas on the job.

What’s surprising is that up to 50% said they would not hire people with no social media accounts at all.  For example, had I become a teacher in the mid 2000’s I think I would have refrained from setting up social media accounts at all.  I would be concerned about the "compelled speech" potentiality. 
I don’t use SnapChat or WhatsApp.  I have LinkedIn (not used much), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (not used much), and beaucoup blogs and books.
The legal video above suggests that employers never ask for passwords, and screen only public posts, and after the first interview. 

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