Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Database calls and customer service in a cab company

Here’s an example of I.T. affecting customer service.  Recently, I moved to a condo.  I had apparently used a cab company’s app before.  When I requested a ride to the airport with their website, I put in the new address and printed out the request.

Yet, when the cab didn’t come, I called twice and apparently found that their request still had pulled the old address from the app. Maybe it read my phone.  Maybe it’s a database “current of set” problem if it uses something like IDMS.

Then, when I rented a car, I had to talk to an agent by remote screen, and was given a contract for any compact car. When I walked there, there was none.  Finally one came, and I was told the car couldn’t go out.  I wound up with a full sized car after a 30 minute wait.  Why couldn’t they assign me a specific vehicle? 

Monday, November 06, 2017

Government contractor fires female employee over being seen on social media giving Trump motorcade the finger from her motorbike

A female associate of Virginia contractor Akima LLC was fired from her job for violating the company’s personal social media policy after a picture of her giving Trump’s motorcade the finger went viral on social media even though her face was not identifiable in the picture. She did admit to HR to being the person.  She had been riding a motorcycle when she encountered the motorcade by happenstance. 

The woman, Juli Briskman, held a “marketing” position at the contractor.  Perhaps it’s more understandable that could be viewed as bad for business.  There is no double life anymore. 
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