Tuesday, August 01, 2017

More white collar people take proletarian blue collar jobs

The bourgeoisie may be turning into the proletariat, one person at a time, according to  USA Today article July 31 by Paul Davidson, ‘Tired of the Corporate Grind: A Blue-Collar Job Might Be for You”, link here.

Maybe a welding job is for you?

This has happened before. Even back in 1992, with the George H W Bush recession, the advice was to “take grunt work.”

In the next-to-last story in my DADT-III book, “Expedition”, this happens to one of the characters. 
For retirees, the issues has been more about being pushed into hucketerism.   Then there is the 1978 movie "Blue Collar".  Or my 1969 novel draft "The Proles" where this sort of thing has to happen. 

This may get us back to the doomsday prepper world.  How many of us can do our own home repairs? 

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