Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mac environments have to be kept updated, too

So, I find out that the reason my MacBook keeps trying to make me sign on to iCloud again is that I haven’t updated to the latest operating system.  I still have Yosemite (10.10) and the latest is Sierra (10.12).

I’m told that it’s important to replace operating systems for the newest security features, just as with Microsoft.

I finally did get my Apple iCloud synched.

I use the MacBook for music composition (Avid Sibelius), for which I have 7.5.  I’m told I need to update that.  I also have Final Cut and will use it soon for video editing.

So I hope all my files (for the sonatas and other pieces, discussed on my newer Wordpress blogs) will be compatible.

Here’s the problem.  Most of my other legacy work (my books and blogs) are on Microsoft (Windows 10, now Creators Update) platforms.  I don’t use the Mac quite often enough so stuff gets out of sync (including the Carbonite backups).

Most people have just one platform to maintain, and a smaller set pf apps. Most people have the formally acquired expertise (like music composition) and focus on just one content-generating activity.  I am spread very thin.
But systems not used all the time do tend to get out of synch, with updates and password management and security.

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