Monday, June 19, 2017

Does cold calling still work these days? "Yeth!"

Is cold calling still an acceptable practice?

Should business people focus educating their consumer with social media, or on actual sales in social media?

I got an email recently, which I can’t find now, reporting on a controlled experiment where focused effort to sell still led to better income.

A lot of people don’t want to be called, or disrupted (or maybe put in danger by unannounced day-to-day visits).  But there seems to be a real divide right now in our culture on what kind of customers will “play ball”.  Consumers who use social media less may be much more responsive to sales calls.
Interesting clue on the video about FSBO.  Someone who lists his house for sale by owner is likely to be sociable and more interested in taking calls.

Someone who says online they are seeking anything tangible might be more receptive.  I do know that trolling who responded to ads or search habits is done to generate leads, but this probably gets harder in a world of “do not track” and privacy controls while searching and browsing.  Still, a lot of people don’t bother.  And then they wonder later at the repeated unwanted calls.

Here’s a recent piece on the topic. “Always be closing” indeed.

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