Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tech companies offer paid time-off for demonstrations (against Trump); what happened to objectivity?

Some tech companies are allowing workers to take paid time-off to join protests, especially against “Trump”, according to a Washington Post story by Abha Bhattarai

Facebook will allow employees to take paid time-off on May 1 for pro-immigration rallies.
I did not allow employers any involvement in my personal politics during my long career.  Back in August 2001, ING-ReliaStar had a sales conference in August in Minneapolis and gently encouraged “volunteers”.  Ii declined.  I went to one session and heard one paid speaker predict a 35000 Dow.  That is one reason I don’t like to  “join in” to “other people’s” causes when often they are factually wrong.

I also had an inherent “conflict of interest” which I have often written about. While working on my first DADT book, I was working for a life insurance company specializing in selling to military officers.

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