Wednesday, April 05, 2017

NASA will pay "contractors" for "jobs" staying in bed for weeks, to test low gravity

Here is a job for a couch potato – well, not really.

NASA is looking for subjects to spend about 70 days in bed, and carry on all their activities without getting up.  Does that mean bed pans?

Applicants have to be in top physical condition and will go through rigorous physicals first.

Beds will be tilted toward the head at a 6-degree angle.

People could still work on a computer if able to do it lying down.  It’s not clear if sitting up is ever allowed.

NASA has sponsored various training exercises before, including some in a water tank in Huntsville AL which I visited in 1989 (and again in 2014).

Forbes has an article on the experiment.

In my own screenplay “Epiphany” the characters reside on a Rama-like space station set up on Titan, so gravity is a vector sum of artificial (spinning) with the moon of Saturn (1/7 of Earth).
Vice has a story from another participant.  Electrocardiographic leads were hooked up for the experience, according to the pictures.

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