Sunday, April 23, 2017

Creator's Update for Windows 10 goes smoothly on ASUS then runs into a power management glitch

I did install the Windows 10 Creators Update this weekend on a new ASUS 324 laptop upon returning from a trip.

It went through two phases.  During the “working on updates” phase, it restarted twice.  The whole process of the “restart” took about 25 minutes.

After starting up and getting through the welcome screens, it seemed to work OK for a while.  Then Google Chrome froze and stopped responding.  After about a minute the computer unfroze and everything worked normally.  It seemed to be updating something else during the freeze period.

I have found one small issue with Wordpress in the Creator’s Update.  If you “copy as text” from Word to start a posting, it converts some punctuation marks into character strings.  But Wordpress updated tp 4.7.4 automatically early this morning as I got up, and that may have a Windows 10 Creators compatibility fix.  I’ll update later.  (Note: later this morning I tried it under 7.4 and it still has the same problem.)

Then late last, I turned on the ASUS on battery, and the task bar would not come up.  Applications (like Chrome or Firefox) would be clickable but would not start or load.  I found I could unfreeze the laptop by suspending it with the power button (hold it down for a second so it blinks) and then plugging in the battery to current,  Yet the battery showed a 92% charge and will charge up to 100% normally.

I reported this to Microsoft.  If the problem has not been resolved (like by another update fix) by mid week I will show it to Geek Squad.

One other issue: on an older Lenovo laptop, still with Windows 8.1, I fell behind in updates, and now the "checking for updates" loops forever and never finds them to catch up.

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