Monday, March 13, 2017

Trump/Bannon war against federal "administrative state" has more good than bad news for job markets

Time Magazine has a feature story Marcy 20, “Inside Donald Trump’s War Against the State”  which comports with Steve Bannon’s promise “to disassemble the administrative state” (or was it "deconstruct"?).  How this matches up against nationalism, I’m not so sure.

But the Washington Post offers Damian Paletta’s front page story this morning, “Historic cuts in Trump budget; Plan would shake government; Top workforce contraction since end of World War II”.
How would this affect subsidiary jobs in the area;  will contractors also get cuts?  It seems to be mostly outside of the military and law enforcement.  Jobs in defense, homeland security and law enforcement (and especially in areas like cyber security) should increase.  W-2 contracting jobs for states' social service agencies could increase around the country if states have to take over more of their own business.   That could be good for the market nationwide but not so good locally in DC.  It might not be so good for real estate values either.

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