Thursday, March 23, 2017

I get an all Windows 10 laptop, not converted from an earlier version

I finally picked up an all Windows 10 laptop today – a 2016 machine with Windows10 Cumulative as the original operating system, and not converted from 8 or 7.  It is the Asus “In Search of Incredibile” (like the 2005 animated movie “The Incredibles”) the Q11222.  It has a rather perfunctory quick start guide.

The trackpad now insists that you use only one finger, which is pretty hard to get used to (exception, when using a browser scroll bar).  So I got the mouse, which uses up one USB port.  There are two USB 3.0 ports, as well as a new USB-C.

The memory is 16G and the solid state drive is 512G.  It is about as fast at startup as any computer I have every had.

ASUS is from Taiwan, so I haven’t made America great again,  But at least Taiwan isn’t part of the former Red China (although there is still a one China policy)

This should be good for travel.  I don’t see Dubai or the middle East soon.  But I worry that problems with being able to carry laptops on board could spread.  But the ASUS is "well boxed".

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