Sunday, March 12, 2017

GOP bill could give employers more access to associate genetic test results

MSN reports about a House bill that would allow employers to see employee genetic test results, if it’s in connection with an employee wellness program (presumably related to workplace hazards), story link here.

During my last year, 2001, at ING (now Voya) in Minneapolis, there was an employee wellness program that paid a slight bonus for getting an annual physical.  That resulted in my starting mild hypertension medication.

By the way, you may want to read George Will’s column, “The Liberals Who Love Eugenics”  with a video about disruptive protests at a Vermont college when libertarian author Charles Murray spoke.  I’ll mention that there have been negative news stories about IQ and immigrants from poor countries – but the cause is probably educational and cultural deprivation during childhood (which Nicholas Kristof and others want to address) and disease rather than raw genetics itself.

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