Friday, March 10, 2017

Companies pay their associates to disconnect completely during vacation

NBC News reported tonight that some companies will actually pay associates a bonus for staying disconnected from work during a vacation.  That means no reading of email or accessing corporate servers in any way (as to check on production cycles in I,T.)  NBC’s link for the report is here.

One of the companies was Olark Live Chat in San Francisco.  The report also mentioned Seed Factory Branding in Atlanta.

Unplugged vacations are legally mandatory in some European countries.

During my last two years at ING I did have four weeks vacation.  I went to Europe twice (1999, 2001).

Since I know somebody at Interface Engineering, I wonder how it fits into this paradigm.  The "paperless" drive is interesting.  Twenty years ago, it was common for people (me especially) to keep hardcopy paper trails for CYA purposes.  That's not feasible today, and absolute adherence to proper elevation procedures (wrt to security) is more important now than it was three decades ago. You want to forget your job when you are a few thousand miles away on vacation.  Or maybe you're in a space station orbit.  Sorry, to go to Mars it's a minimum of 3-4 years.

Picture: Brown Mountain, NC.

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