Thursday, February 02, 2017

Spicer hints at the idea of "conflict of interest" in speech only in federal jobs

Sean Spicer has been underscoring the idea that people should leave jobs where they disagree with what the boss wants them to do, as in this story in The Hill about employee reaction to Trump’s immigration ban.  Today, Tillerson, in taking over State, was more accommodating but told employees to “do their jobs”.

Along these lines, several departments have been embargoed from sending out tweets especially on areas like climate change.

This would not normally affect employees with their own social media accounts, or would it?  I’ve always said that once someone has direct reports and can make underwriting decisions that affect others, one loses the right to one’s own public voice (without gatekeepers) separate from work. Back in the 90s, with my work situation and gays in the military, this was a potentially big conflict of interest.

And then in the 2000’s, I suppose that when I was in my old job market, I suppose my tendency to report “like a journalist” on everything I saw later (without gatekeepers) could be seen as making me a potential long stream whistleblower threat as a hire.

Trump's hiring freeze on Federal employees (outside of defense and law enforcement) may hide a bigger problem:  if Trump is serious about replacing Obamacare, the government, or especially its contractors, will need to hire much more mature people than they did before.  And Hillary Clinton's email scandal shows a lack of judgment and maturity in her own IT staff letting her get into this kind of trouble.

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