Sunday, January 08, 2017

Sub-min wage employee dependent on tips get abused by employers

The “Working World” column in the Washington Post Magazine Nov. 20, 2016 has an article by Paula Brantner from her “workplace fairness” feature, “Do these policies reach the tipping point?”

This concerns a letter from a mother about a daughter who works as a waitress for sub-minimum wage ($2.13 an hour) plus tips.  The trouble is employers can require some untipped time at the same rate (up to 20% of hours), and can pool tips.  And work can be regimented, nontstop. 

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Swedish company pushes little microchip skin implants for identification in the workplace

A Swedish company called Epicenter has been promoting RFID’s (“Radio Frequency Identification Chips”), the size of a rice grain, that are somehow planted on the side of the hand or wrist, maybe with a technology like DuoSkin. Here’s the best link I can find on Facebook.

I wouldn’t like the idea of having skin implants for work.  But I don’t do tattoos or body art, which have gradually become more acceptable with the modern workplace dress codes. But making them standard?
Remember the line in “Magic Mike” where Channing Tatum’s model character is asked by Cody Horn, “Why do you shave your legs for work?”  Especially when he’s not a drag queen.