Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Talking about politics in the workplace (and about religion and social issues)

Gavan FitzSimons has a piece in the Sunday New York Times. “Stop trying to sway co-workers”   about talking about politics – or religion – in the workplace.

And talk can consist of appearances – even the car you drive into the company lot, and the stickers on it.

Back when I started working, in 1970, what kind of car you drove was considered to be a social statement.  But so was dress to some extent.  Remember the notorious EDS (and even IBM) dress codes of the past?

Even United Way drives, or particularly blood drives can have political connotations.  The blood drive issue used to be sensitive because of the gay male blood donation ban, which could make a drive an indirect route to “asking and telling.”

Some companies do have their own political PAC's and pressure higher level employees to participate on them.

And, of course, some people will go to work in partisan political jobs.  I won't. 

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