Sunday, October 30, 2016

Andela places immigrants in hard-to-fill software professional positions; what about visas and possible asylum later?

Fareed Zakaria on GPS interviewed an executive from Andela, a company that places information technology professionals from Nigeria and Kenya, and maybe other African countries.  Mark Zuckerberg is said to be backing up Andela.

The company says that in some software areas, there are five jobs in the United States for every applicant.  The company says there are no known cases where a U.S. born employee was laid off to make room for one of its immigrants.

Nigeria has an "academy" to train employees, but only 1% of those who apply are selected and able to complete the course.

Reversing the argument, it is very hard for associates of some US companies to consider assignments in some African countries (especially for humanitarian work) because of the anti-gay policies of some of them.

Immigrants do have to get work visas in the US.  When they expire, immigrants from authoritarian countries (or with vitriolic anti-gay policies, like Nigeria) are more likely to suddenly seek asylum. 

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