Thursday, September 01, 2016

Windows 10 Anniversary Update runs today when you restart

Tonight, my main HP desktop (which had a replacement hard drive, solid state, installed in June) did a major Windows 10 update, the “anniversary” (13 months), version 1607.

Unlike most updates, the restart went through a complete “updating windows” session, and then did the usual “working on updates” with a restart at 30%.  The entire process took about 25 minutes, much longer than for a usual update.

The features of the update are described here.
 Some of the features are indeed superficial (including more warning messages about settings), but Microsoft claims major security enhancements, hopefully additional protection against execution of scareware or ransomeware.

Update: Sept. 4

On a Toshiba Satellite, the update took about 75 minutes, took a long time especially at 91% on the applying windows updates, and had to hit the power key once to get it to completely come up. 

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