Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Massachusetts bans employer "do ask do tell" policy on applicant salary history; more on why middle class wages and wealth stagnate

A recently passed and signed law for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (the Pay Equity Law) not only requires equal pay by gender for equal work, but it also bans asking salary history.  Kathryn Vasel has the story on CNN Money.

While the bill may be motivated by gender-related potentialities (like gaps for motherhood), in practice people often have trouble getting jobs if they “make too much” or are euphemistically “overqualified”. But this is part of our economic stagnation in the middle.  We can’t make individual work more productive for enough people.

Timothy B, Lee of Vox offers a "Bottom Up" perspective that seems related on his own site as to why middle class wealth is stagnant, here.  (He sees Pokemon Go as a proxy for the post-capitalist economy.) Yes, Tim, you’re barely old enough to run for president, and the GOP would be better off with you as their candidate than Donald Trump, because you articulate reasonable arguments well.  Will “socially liberal” (including loving animals, and respecting the climate) and “fiscally conservative” solve our problems?  I think so, yet there is too much call for “revolution” from the Sanders crowd (read “expropriation”).

Yet, the last comment (Carbalossa) on your “About me” page may getting to the heart of the matter.  In fact, her comment seems more directed at material like my three DADT books than your “Bottom Up” blog.

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