Friday, May 13, 2016

Intermittent problem with Micosoft Word doing "Save as" on Windows 10 machine

Recently, on Windows 10 on an HP machine, I’ve had a few glitches with Microsoft Office, specifically Word.

One time, it wouldn’t come up after Restart.  Another Restart fixed it.

Yesterday, I got a “critical process died” when typing into Word.  I had saved the file once, but not yet exited Word.  Usually, it recovers the last saved file.  This time, it didn’t, but that seems to because it was caught trying to save the “Most Recent”.

Then I found Word couldn’t even do a “Save As”.  Finally, after a couple of restarts, the “most recent” seemed to fix itself.  I could save.  But I have trouble saving it in a new directory. I get “Word has stopped working”.  I have to copy it myself with file explorer, then it works.  

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