Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Digital rights management (DRM) complicated playing Amazon videos in some operating environments

I had a problem playing an Amazon Prime rented movie yesterday, in Google Chrome, on both a Windows 10 (Toshiba) and Windows 7 (Dell) machine.  I was able to play it on a MacBook without incident, after Amazon prompted me to install the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight (ironic on the Mac) – with Safari and OS Yosemite.  The obvious help on Amazon had listed mobile devices that could play Prime, but didn’t mention PC;s.  The chat session customer service asked me to try a browser “New Tab” and try again.

Amazon tweeted me a link today with how you resolve Silverlight error 6013.  It’s rather complicated, and it involves issues with Digital Rights Management (DRM), intended to prevent copyright infringement or illegal duplication – much criticized, especially by Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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