Sunday, April 10, 2016

What are the "hot" programming languages now? Also, life in a digital sweat shop

Business Insider has a list of eight in-demand programming languages.  Java is no surprise (despite the security concerns that keep if from being offered with many hosting plans). It’s amazing how java rose from release in 1995 to being a productions staple by 2000.  C# is easier, but limited to Microsoft .Net environments pretty much. C++ requires real coding.  But seeing Python and especially “Ruby on Rails” (used at Twitter and Airbnb) surprised me.
Dan Lyons has a whimsical op-ed in the New York Times Review, “Congratulations, you’ve been fired”, about an experience at Hub Spot, a discussion of a digital sweat shop where a gig of employment is like a “tour of duty”,  But isn’t this what agencies offering W-2 contracts specialize in? 

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