Monday, April 25, 2016

Microsoft "forces" me to go to Windows 10 suddenly on my travel computer; what if I had to catch a plane and had no time?

Well, today, on a Toshiba satellite, Microsoft warned me with it would install Windows 10 in 3 minutes right as I signed on (replacing 8.1), and I wasn’t able to stop it.

It restarted the machine.  The entire process took about 85 minutes.  It seemed to wait a long time at 92% and 69% on the driver installs.

There was a lot of waiting, and more messages, but finally everything came back.  The first time I cold started was slow, and the first restart was slow, but a second start was more normal in time.

Microsoft did not force me to use my Microsoft account password to log on to the machine.

Still, there is a problem with Microsoft doing this.  What if I had to catch a flight and depend on the computer for a business trip that day?

Update: May 19

The New York Times purports to answer my questions in New York Times Tech Fix, "Why Windows 10 Upgrades Go Wrong, and How to Avoid It" (p. B6, Business Day, May 19).  Cheaper laptops may not have upwardly compatible device drivers.

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