Monday, March 21, 2016

Indianapolis factory export of jobs to Mexico illustrates appeal of Donald Trump, difficulty of maintaining living standards with "real work"

A New York Times article on in the Business Section of the New York Times Sunday, March 19, 2016, “Good Jobs, Goodbye”, by Nelson D. Schwartz   does illustrate the problems “average” workers have in maintaining standards of living against workers in other countries.  In this case, the foreign country in Mexico, and the company is Carrier, in Indianapolis, which makes furnaces and heating equipment, maybe even what’s in my basement.  (I was told my air conditioning coils come from Wichita, KS.)
The article goes on to explain how this kind of event expands the appeal of Donald Trump in the working class.  But it sounds like an exercise in karma. And maybe, “Indiana wants me” after all.

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