Monday, January 18, 2016

Would fixing open-source problems help with job interviews?

I wanted to pass along a suggestion from Nolan Lawson on Twitter:

Instead of giving tech interviewees a take-home test, why not ask them to fix an open-source project bug? (and presumably publish).

I do recall taking an “in class” essay test at an interview in 1989 for a support job at Tyson’s.  (I didn’t get it.)  And USLICO (in early 1990) gave a test as part of the interview, which included writing a few sequences of COBOL and assembler code.  Everybody hired, it was said, had written a good test.
The language certification tests (especially java) are a big deal, in the code that has to be written for them. 

Picture: no, it’s not about the license plate, but the sign, where a real estate developer says “student wanted”.  Sounds like a come-on.  Get a degree in flipping houses?  (Location: southern Prince Georges County, MD).

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