Thursday, January 07, 2016

Microsoft "free upgrade" to Windows 10 creating problems for "average users" not savvy enough on app-os interactions

Tech Republic offers an interesting piece by Andy Wolber, “New Year’s Resolution: 3 Tips to help you clean up your computing habits

Wolber addresses the practical problem that many small business and home users don’t have the in depth understanding of the way different operation systems word (Microsoft v. Apple and Linux) and interact with apps.  Also mobile and desktop “culture” are different in the way applications communicate.  This may be especially true of older people who grew up in a world of mainframe IBM-MVS computing culture.

One problem is that the free Windows 10 upgrade (particularly in Reservation Mode) is not going well for many users, partly because of compatibility problems with older apps, and sometimes with anti-virus packages.  I have done one Mac OS upgrade (taking less than an hour) on a Macbook with no incidents at all, by way of comparison. I think that Mac OS is still “simpler” than Windows.  Further, Microsoft Windows has to work a lot more with third party hardware and firmware vendors.  There are bound to be problems.  Geek Squad has had more difficulty keeping up with the complexities of Windows 8 and 10 than it had with earlier versions. And Microsoft doesn’t seem to be providing clear guidance on how to deal with some common issues (like “Critical Process Died” crashes), rather letting users write up the matter on forums. Another issue is false hardware errors from firmware (at least in HP).

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