Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Employers apply increasing pressure on associates to use their wellness programs

The New York Times has an important story by Reed Abelson, Sunday Jan. 24, “Employee wellness programs use carrots, and increasingly, sticks”.
The report documents efforts by some employers to coerce associates to participate in programs, and to undergo biometric testing (including cholesterol, BMI, etc) or pay much more for health insurance.

When I was “working”, I had my own health club membership (I still do, LA Fitness, although I don’t go often enough – even when driving past one on I-10 west of LA one time).  Some employers had gyms, which I sometimes used.  But I would find “joining” an employer activity to be intrusive and disruptive of my own life.

My last "major" employer, ING, did offer a slight bonus for taking an annual physical, which I took on Dec. 7, 2001.  That was when hypertension was discovered, and I started on atenolol. On Dec. 13 I learned of the career-ending layoff.

Update: January 31

Oral Roberts University in Tulsa OK is requiring students to wear fit-bits and is keeping track of fitness points (NBC4-Washington report today). 

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