Monday, December 07, 2015

Recent changes in metadata collection rules and urgent anti-terrorism needs could create urgent openings at the NSA

Here’s a little tip that just showed up on CNN.  Recent court opinions and Congressional action has limited the ability of the NSA (National Security Agency) to look at phone metadata for more than 2 years.

However the NSA can look at each telecommunications provider’s records separately and combine these records itself.  All the NSA needs to do is develop a system to automate this.  Guess what:  that means hiring more programmers (possibly including mainframe) and various IT development professionals. True, with extreme security clearance requirements, and it’s unclear if they would work for contractors (as Edward Snowden had) or for the NSA itself, right there halfway between Washington and Baltimore near the Parkway.  Prudence could mean hiring more of the people as direct employees.

It should mean more poly SCI clearance jobs, especially in Maryland, a little closer to Baltimore and Annapolis than DC.

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