Sunday, November 08, 2015

Worker told to stay home without pay after admitting her apartment has bedbugs

Karla L. Miller of the Washington Post reports (in “@WorkAdvice”) that a worker in a family-owned firm (apparently in Maryland) was told to stay home unpaid after she asked for two days off to help her landlord clean her apartment of bedbugs, until she could certify that he home was free of infestation!  I’ve never heard of a workplace incident like this!  The employer was worried about downstream liability if she brought bedbugs to work in her clothes.  The employer had once paid a lot of money to rid the establishment of a prior infestation.  The link is here.

The lawyers say this was perfectly legal under employment at will.

So this sounds like “don’t ask don’t tell”.  Again, it reminds me of EDS house interviews in the 1960s.

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