Saturday, November 28, 2015

What could have been my most menial job; subtle racial discrimination continues in the workplace

I found a label on the advertising supplement of the Washington Post the day after Black Friday, that reminded me of one of the most “menial” interim jobs I might have taken during my post-layoff period, delivering newspapers, from one’s own car, probably getting up at 2 AM every day.

 Thankfully, not.

Let’s turn to race in the workplace, “Race and Reality in America”, a CNN series with an article “Working while Brown: What discrimination looks like now”, link here.

I was involved tangentially in a racial discrimination case in the workplace in the mid 1990s when I took the place of someone who had been dismissed, and who later sued claiming racial discrimination.  An interesting feature of the case had been that the person claimed he had been promised a promotion, something that I, for my own reasons, would never have wanted.
In 1998, Deborah Watts self-published a book “101 Ways to Know Your ‘Black’ in Corporate America”, which she presented in a lunchtime forum at work at ReliaStar in the summer of 1998.  

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