Thursday, November 12, 2015

A short tale about customer service

About a week ago I went to a matinee movie on a weekday at an older suburban theater, one with older concession concepts.  Even with a low crowd, the attendant had trouble finishing a customer before me.  She apologized and said this was her second day on the job. Then, when I asked for a coffee, it had to be brewed.  Then she told me that the machine did not brew coffee without cream, which a coworker backed up.  I’ve never heard of a coffee machine that won’t brew without additives.  The machine looked like the kind that serves free coffee at car dealerships.
Yet, it would not be pleasant for me to take a minimum wage job, work under regimentation, and not stumble.  Ask Barbara Ehrenreich when she wrote “Nickel and Dimed” in 2001.

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