Sunday, October 04, 2015

Tech companies and medical schools want candidates to fit into groups well, and learn empathy

Tech companies are placing much more emphasis on people skills in assessing new hires than a lot of applicants realize, at least according to Fareed Zakaria Sunday morning, as this article in Salon shows, link.  The new focus in the future will be "relationship workers".  Zakaria presented the topic in defense of liberal arts education, which school systems in some countries are starting to drop as kids learn to code. 
Companies are looking for people who can recruit and build teams, according to the article.  This is anathema to me, who doesn’t like to be recruited for narrow causes.

This seems to go a little deeper than the “Team Handbook” and “Total Quality Management” seminars of the mid 1990s.
Zakaria also reports that some medical schools want their students to read fiction – to get used to thinking about future patients as people with complex social interactions and motvies.

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