Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Some Windows 10 conversions may leave some Windows 8 code lying around

I did get my HP Envy with Windows 10 back a second time today from Geek Squad. 

The main problem was that, starting around Sunday, after a cold Restart,  the File Explorer “quick access” started hanging, trying to fill the green bar with “working on it”, and not displaying thumbnails or the proper icons.  If you right-clicked on any file (like to rename) File Explorer hung and could only be resolved by restarting (hard or cold) the system. Oddly, if you continued working about two hours, the problem would start to fix itself.

The problem seems to have possibly been caused by some Windows 8 drivers left in the system and not replaced.  Geek Squad “refreshed” the system, a new option (since Windows 8) that does not affect data files on the hard drive, but requires re-installation of all apps (including Office, Final Draft, Carbonite, all of which require user passwords or product codes).  The computer, after refresh, requires re-entry of all major site passwords and possibly 2-step verification. 
Geek Squad also replaced the WiFi drivers, on the theory that one of them might have been causing previous crashes. (So far, so good.)

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