Friday, October 30, 2015

Quirks in browsers, telecommunications providers can make blogs fail to load

Interesting little problem on my TV reviews blog, but it shows what happens when blogging packages generate code.  Yesterday, I embedded a video from Washington DC’s NBC affiliate, coded with javascript rather than the more common “iframe”.

Today, when I looked at the blog on Chrome or Firefox on Comcast Xfinity, the blog stopped displaying at the point of embed, while waiting on “”.   I walked outside with my iPhone, to get away from my own WiFi and pick up Verizon 4G, and found everything worked normally on Safari.  The circumstantial evidence was that Comcast could not reach the nbcwashington server (all of this seems to happen in Ashburn VA)  but Verizon could.

After returning from an errand, everything was working, as Comcast was picking up the nbc site normally.  I noticed that the nbc “embed” code did not have “div” around it (and “/div”) so I put that in manually, thinking that should stop the embed from hanging the page if the site goes down again.

But I haven’t seen this happen before.  And I don’t think this would have hung in Wordpress, just Blogger.  Somewhere in all of this, maybe there was some "unsafe code" (although C# seems to be the only language that uses this term, as I recall from a 2002 technical college course).

Occasionally, Blogger sites with embeds display the wrong embeds (back one day) when all are displayed together.  Navigating to the individual post gets the right embed.  But I haven't seen this caching problem on Wordpress.

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