Thursday, October 08, 2015

A few "unpredictable" glitches with loading and viewing Blogger images in Windows 10

I did run into a bizarre glitch when uploading pictures to blog posts yesterday after starting to use it with Windows 10, refreshed on my HP Envy "desktop".

The picture would import, but show on the Blogger panel as an lost connection small icon.  But when the post was browsed, the picture was oversized.  I found I could bring the picture back to normal size by adding the parameters ‘ width=”320” height = “240” ‘ to the HTML code for the picture.  Blogger resequences the parameters to suit itself even when the parameters are coded manually in HTML. Even then, the picture would not show on the Blogger panel for a while.

This did not always happen, as some pictures imported normally.  It seems as though a picture imported into the middle of the page (not on the top line) is less likely to encounter this problem.
The Blogger Help forums indicate some issues with this in August.  Some bloggers said that the pictures would not load at all (circle spinning) and one claimed she had to revert to Windows 8.1 (and that was marked as a “best answer”).  One blogger said none of her pictures, even on old posts, would display (probably unrelated). 

Rumor has it that numerous third part apps are having some difficulty working properly in Windows 10, which may have new techniques for memory caching. 

Update: later Oct. 8 

Later today, I noticed that a failure to display the image even when "fixed" manually can occur when looking at it through https (as when logged on to Blogger), or when the blog is https enabled.  So the bug may have something to do with a kind of "accidental encryption".

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