Saturday, September 12, 2015

Male participation in the workplace is dropping; is "hyperindividualism" in H.R. the reason?

CNN Money has a telling article, “Why have so many men stopped working?”, link here. It starts out with the resume of a man who had been a database manager and business analyst until the early 90s and was laid off in the brief post-Gulf War recession.  He became a house-husband and stay-at-home dad and never found another IT job, even as the economy took off under Bill Clinton.
The article discusses the drop in the percentage of working-age men in the workforce. Many causes – including female competition, but a major reason that companies didn’t manage keeping workers trained very well after the mid 1980s.  One reason Obamacare floundered technically was that older professionals, who might have been more thorough in testing the systems, had left mainframe IT, after mismanagement  (and short term thinking leading to constant turnover) earlier. 
I took a job with a small company in 1988 (rather than stretching my luck with an upcoming merger of Chilton in Dallas), then moved to a more stable company in life insurance in early 1990, where I would be stable until after 9/11. 


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