Thursday, September 03, 2015

Ever consider Open Office?

Here’s an interesting debate:  Is Office365 (which you renew every year) a better deal still (with its relatively modest cost compared to past box purchases) in practice than Open Office (developed by Sun)?
Apparently, Apache Open Office can be used on Windows (7 or later) or Linux (or Unix), but I don’t see it available directly on the Mac – but it would be logical that it should be, because the Max OS is “partially” built upon Linux underneath (more like a cousin than a sibling – as explained here ).  The terminal mode commands are similar.
Here’s a perspective by Nick Heath of Tech Republic, on the practical considerations for organizations in choosing between Office 365 and Open Office,  link
I’ve never considered using Open Office at home.  No one talks about it.
One thing about the Best Buy renewal of Office 365 – Best Buy doesn’t process the credit card until the day of the renewal, which means you can get a premature expiration notice from Microsoft (Aug 13 posting).


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