Thursday, August 27, 2015

Two more customer service fiascoes

Well, here’s a little more customer service legacy. 

In June, my 2009 Focus was “totaled” in an accident.  I’m not at fault, but I won’t go into details in social media.  I replaced the car with a new 2015, which turned out to be cheaper to start new at Ford (with dealer or Ford rebates) than the insurance company’s own offers (for used cars).  I was told that the Ford ESP on the old car would be canceled.

Two months later, it was still billing.  Finally, it’s canceled now, but not until I sent a fax and did a lot of legwork myself. 

It seems that Ford’s own IT systems should have taken care of this without my having to spend so much time.  Business analysts, please?

Then another customer service fiasco, indirectly.  I hadn’t been to my LA Fitness for a while (took over Bally’s).  Today, I found a convenient location in northern Virginia closed.  I knew where the nearest one (a remodeled club was), and was told that the landlord at the location had failed three times to fix the air conditioning, so the club moved out.

Companies don’t seem to give customer service until the feel incentivized.


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