Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Netflix offers paid maternity and paternity leave for up to a year

Netflix is offering its employees paid maternity and paternity leave, unlimited for up to one year after the birth or adoption of a child. Netflix explained its policy in a blog post.  It’s not immediately obvious how long someone has to be with the company.

CNN Money has a blog post here indicating that the US Navy is also increasing paid maternity leave for female sailors and Marines. 

PBS has a video, asking "who pays?", link

I one time thought about an interim job at Netflix.  But I wonder if shifts have to start at 3 AM in order to process incoming DVD’s. 

YouTube’s CEO is also is linked supporting paid maternity leave as good for business. Female talent is retained.  And tech and social media companies actually need the “expertise” that some people have in family and child rearing to come up with new products, which is the big sleeper. 
In time, there will be more social pressure on same-sex couples to become involved in child rearing and adoption (possibly combined with the asylum crisis).  Companies have to deal with very radical changes in how never generations view the family, even if higher earners are remaining interested in marriage (including same-sex or even transgender).
The schism between “sales” and “content contribution” is less than it was when I was “working”.  Developers now are users, too, and “real people.”    


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