Friday, August 07, 2015

Microsoft expands paid parental leave, but more for moms and for biology

Microsoft has also made headway on the paid parental leave bandwagon. It will offer both new mothers and fathers twelve weeks of paid parental leave, and mothers already get eight weeks of “disability leave” when giving birth.

That means that mothers can get a total of twenty weeks of paid leave; fathers get twelve.  Adoptive parents get twelve.  So mothers can get more than fathers, and biological reproduction is “favored” more than adoption of children.

Microsoft also improve the 401k match. 

The entire story by Peter Bright is here on Arctechnica.

It’s apparent that in general, “as the world turns”, young adults should find that eventually they will be “expected” to raise children to be treated equally.  But the change in a landscape in gay marriage and adoption, so rapid, certainly is changing the world for gay men and women on dealing with the “working for a discount” idea or lowballing those with more “responsibilities”, as in the past.

It’s not clear that many companies offer paid leave to take care of parents.  The FMLA of 1993 would mandate unpaid leave.  I did not take advantage of that myself.

Remember, somebody’s paid leave has to be “paid for”, somehow.

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